Tuesday, 3 September 2013


5 Bands - 

Oasis - In my opinion one of the greatest bands to grace the musical stage. Just normal young lads who started out with nothing and transformed themselves into one of the biggest bands in the world. 

Arctic Monkeys - undoubtedly one of the best bands out at this current moment in time. They have an original style and use creative and effective lyrics. I also like the way every song is sung in a Sheffield accent. 

Kasabian -  Brilliant. Have written and performed some great songs over the years. 

The Stone Roses - Pure Class. 

The Smiths - Another one of the greats. Influential front man. Have inspired many musicians.

 5 songs - 

Arctic Monkey's; Dancing Shoes

Miles Kane; Don't Forget Who You Are

Kasabian; Fast Fuse

Oasis; Morning Glory
Ian Brown; F.E.A.R

 5 films - 

Harry potter and the goblet of fire - I enjoyed the Harry Potter film series, however this is my pick of the bunch because it is action packed and features many different challenges in which Harry has to face. It also features new characters and is the turning point for the films, as Voldemort regains his power so now the films become more serious. 

The Shawshank redemption - Anything with Morgan Freeman in is more a less always a good film. the best part is when Dufresne escapes after being wrongly imprisoned for 20 odd years then escapes through a tunnel he had made over that time. 

Step brothers - Will Ferrell is one of the funniest actors out there, but add in John C. Rieley and together they make a hilarious film!

Avatar - the idea of the film is brilliant. The alien world looks amazing and if it existed i would try to buy a house there. After watching the film i wished i could be an Avatar!

Forrest Gump - "slow burning" film. You experience his life and see everything he goes through, by the end of it you feel as if he is a real person. 

5 Books -

The very hungry catterpilla - the first book i ever read

The cat in the hat - like doctor Seuss books, but this one for me is the best. I also like how the whole book is written so that it rhymes.

Charlie and the chocolate factory - Enjoyed reading Rhoal Dahl books when i was younger but this one was my favourite.

We're going on a bear hunt - one of the first books i ever read.

The BFG - another Rhoal Dahl book, a magical story and an enjoyable read. 

5 TV Programmes - 

Soccer AM - football themed breakfast show, funny sketches. As a football fan i am bound to enjoy it. 

The Inbetweeners - one of the funniest series ever created, never met a person who dislikes it.

Top Boy - "gritty" British drama about the life of drug dealers and gangsters on an estate in London. 

Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere - Peter Kay is a genius! Every episode makes me laugh. 

Russell Howard's Good News - Think Russell Howard is one of the best comedians out at the minute, enjoy his take on the current news. 

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