Friday, 11 October 2013

Camera Work -

Film directors use many different camera angles throughout their films in order to create different atmospheres and emotions e.g. a close up shot on a character will make the audience connote that the character which has been zoomed in on is important in that particular part of the film. Another example may be a long shot, this sets the scene and allows the audience to see where the action or future action is taking place. The use of different angles means that the film is ever changing and therefore creates more exciting viewing for the audience.

Below are some examples of angles which directors most commonly use whilst filming -

High Angle shot-

Low Angle shot -

'Tilt' shot -

Pan shot -

Below is an example of how the camera moves in order to create a pan shot. 

Tracking shot -

Focus shot -

Extreme close up -

Close up -

Mid-shot -

Long Shot -

Inside Framing -

Outside Framing -

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