Thursday, 12 December 2013

Representations -

Representations are constructed or mediated presentations of people, places and ideas which are used to represent the real world, this therefore creates verisimilitude which is commonly used in TV dramas such as Eastenders.

E4's hit comedy 'The Inbetweeners' is a prime example of a teenage representation. The story follows four teenage boys and their unfortunate mishaps. The four characters are represented as stereotypical teenage boys as they go to parties, bunk of school, drink too much and hopelessly chase girls. As both a teenage boy and an Inbetweeners fan i can honestly say that the representation is extremely accurate, although certain aspects are slightly exaggerated to make the show and the boys' misfortune more humorous and entertaining.
The men behind the representations are the creators of the show. Damon Beasley and Ian Morris created the series as a way of expressing their own misfortunes and experiences of teenage life, however, they decided to use characters which could make their misfortune even funnier as well as combine their memories into a modern day setting to suit a modern day audience. Therefore, although the creators are in some respects different to me, they are also very similar as both i and them have and are experiencing stereotypical teenage life.

Various aspects of mise en scene are used in the Inbetweeners to once again give the audience a sense of verisimilitude. The show is set in both the boys' school as well as the outside world, therefore different costumes and settings are used to create the effect that the action is taking place in a real life environment. The setting of the school is that of a stereotypical British college and allows the audience to feel involved with the story line as they may also attend a similar environment, the target audience of the Inbetweeners (teenagers) enjoy watching people of a similar age as they themselves are able to compare their own lives to the characters' which they are watching.

The language used in the Inbetweeners may also be classified as stereotypical to teenagers as swearing, slang and neologisms are all used to create a youthful atmosphere and once again make the drama suitable and relateable to a teenage audience.

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