Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Skyfall; Camera Work -

During the opening action sequence of Skyfall, both Bond and a French Mercenary are fighting on the top of a moving train. Within this thrilling opening, many different camera angles are used in order to enhance the action which is taking place as well as create an atmosphere so that the audience can experience the tension and exhilaration of the action which is taking place on screen. The shots used to create this effect are extreme close ups, close ups, mid shots, long shots and even pan shots.

In the opening of our clip, both Bond and the French Mercenary are fighting on top of a train whilst travelling through a tunnel. A close up shot is used at this particular point of the sequence to highlight the importance of both characters and give the audience a realistic view of the action. As the sequence progresses another noticeable and important close up is used, this time on Bond's assistant Moneypenny. In the shot we see her holding a sniper rifle and aiming at both men who are still in battle on the roof of the moving train. In this case the close up shot is used to emphasise the expressions on Moneypenny's face, so that the audience are able to create an emotional bond with the character as well as feel part of the action which is taking place, as the nervousness and tension which is written all over her face will now be the same on the audience's face thanks to this particular shot.

As the sequence continues a long shot is used. This particular shot sets the scene and allows the audience to see exactly where everything is taking place, this makes the footage seem extremely realistic as the landscape suggests the action is taking place in a real, somewhat dangerous environment. This type of shot also gives the audience a fresh perspective as it breaks the non-stop action down. It may also intrigue the audience and give them the desire for the main source of action to be the main focus on the screen.

As the train departs from the tunnel a mid shot is used. This particular shot is disguised in the form of the sniper rifle. In the scene Moneypenny is aiming her gun and the shot we see is just that, we know this as a cross/target has been placed over the camera lens, giving the effect that it is in fact the rifle.Here the audience is given the exact view or perspective which Moneypenny has, making the audience feel involved in the action, as it may feel as if they themselves are holding the gun and have the pressure and responsibility of taking the shot. This shot also gives the audience a different view of the action and allows both characters to be seen clearly by the audience, this also allows the audience to make judgments or connotations of both characters, now that they have seen them in more detail.

As the scene comes to its climax a pan shot is used. This particular shot is used to quickly change from the piece of action to a different part of the setting, in this case another tunnel. This shot gives the audience an insight into what is about to happen in just a matter of seconds and again creates suspense for the audience as well as a nervous, tense atmosphere.  This shot was used at this point in the sequence to round the whole piece off with what it started with, fast paced action which is ever changing.

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