Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Skyfall Narrative Conventions -

Action -
Action is a reoccurring theme which lasts throughout the entire clip. The main sources of action come when Bond and the French mercenary are fighting on top of the train, and when Moneypenny is driving alongside it as well as aiming at the 2 men through the sniper rifle. The theme of action is used at the beginning of the film to set a fast paced, action packed atmosphere in order to give the audience an insight into what the rest of the film will be like. 

Enigma -
There are 2 enigma's in this clip, both present the audience with a puzzle to solve. The first enigma enters the clip and the audiences minds when Moneypenny accidentally shoots Bond instead of the mercenary. The audience can clearly see that Bond has been hit and shortly after see his body fly off the train and down down deeper and down into the river below. This piece of action is used to shock the audience and make them wonder as to what is going to happen next, it may have even triggered questions such as 'is Bond dead?' 'He can't be, can he?' 'Whats going to happen now?' The second enigma enters the scene shortly after the first one. After Bond has left the roof the train enters another tunnel with the French mercenary still aboard, the mercenary stares back at Moneypenny before being indulged by the darkness of the tunnel. This enigma creates both anger and mystery as the audience are unaware of where the mercenary is going and what he is going to do with the computer hard drive. 

Culture -
Various aspects of mise en scene can connote the culture of the scene or even the entire film. By analysing the setting, character costume and props the audience can connote that this scene is part of the 'spy' culture, as gadgets, guns, suits and the setting suggest this. Stereo-typically spy's wear formal, 'suave' looking outfits  and carry weapons such as pistols or in this case a sniper rifle. They also either have or are after a form of gadget or device, in this case Bond is after a computer hard drive. The setting also screams out 'SPY' as it is high in the mountains, a secluded place where high intensity action such as this could take place secretly without anybody knowing.

Significance of the soundtrack -
The significance of the soundtrack used in this clip is to strike suspense into the audience and therefore create a tense atmosphere. The soundtrack which is used matches the action on screen and is therefore is classified as parallel sound. The music is also very loud and every so often jumps so there is a split second of silence, this highlights the seriousness of what is happening on screen and grasps the audiences attention. Towards the end of the scene, where the suspense is building the music quickens and the pace becomes faster, it also sounds more violent and sharper. As soon as Bond is hit the music stops immediately, this is to signify that the suspense and action is over. The silence also allows the audience to come to terms with what they have just witnessed. The silence may also connote the 'death' of bond, as silence is often held to remember or commemorate the brave or soldiers. 

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